Thursday, June 19, 2014

Crazy Things Found Inside of People

Massive Kidney Stone

Over the years, doctors have been shocked to discover a wide array of things inside of their patients. Check out these extreme cases of foreign objects being found inside of people!
A Hungarian man was shocked to learn that he has a 2.5 pound kidney stone inside of him in 2009. The doctors were shocked when an x-ray revealed the huge groth inside of the patient. Kidney stones are normally passed by drinking lots of fluid, but he required special surgery to remove the coconut-sized object!

Cell Phone

This x-ray of a prisoner from San Salvador shows just how far people will go to stay in touch with their loved ones while in jail! And no, that phone isn't in his stomach.

Surgical Retractor

Each year there are about 30 million surgeries that take place in the United States and there are around 1,500 cases of surgical instruments being left behind.Usually they are small things like sponges or scalpels, but 57 year old Daryoush Mazarei had a 10 inch long set of surgical retractors left inside of him. He was experiencing horrible pain (of course) and his daughter even spotted something poking out of his abdomen!


This is the x-ray of a suicide bomber who somehow hid a grenade in his stomach. Though how he planned to detonate it once it was in there is anyone's guess!

Salad Tongs and Vibrator

It's bad enough getting a vibrator stuck in your rear end, but this guy tried to dig the thing out with salad tongs and go those stuck too!

Engagement Ring

A New Mexico man had a brilliant plan to propose to his girlfriend by putting the engagement ring in her milkshake. Unfortunately she really liked that milkshake and swallowed the ring before he could stop her!

Brain Worm

Rosemary Alvarez was having weird symptoms such as blurred vision and numbness so she went to the doctor expecting bad news such as a brain tumor. Instead they found a giant worm squirming around in her brain! She probably got it from being served food tainted with feces containing a pork tapeworm egg.


Somehow this 16-year-old boy survived a harpoon that was shot straight through his head!

Light Bulb

While the cell phone made sense, it is a mystery why this prisoner from Pakistan was found with a light bulb in his rectum. Even he seemed completely clueless when questioned about it.

Fork and Cockroach

A woman in Israel somehow managed to get a live cockroach stuck crawling around in the back of her throat. (We won't question her diet or life choices) So she decided to go after it with a fork only she swallowed that, too!


Someone with a bad case of hemorrhoids mistakenly thought that their intestines were falling out so they freaked out and grabbed the nearest thing they could find to fix the situation: a large bullet. Though the bullet was removed safely, the bomb squad was called in for fear that it would explode.


A construction worker fell off a ladder while drilling and his drill tragically went through his eye socket and out the back of his skull. Amazingly, he survived the incident!


When a man was stabbed in the head while trying to stop a robbery back in 2008, he probably thought it was all over. But amazingly, he stayed conscious and coherent and made a full recovery!


This x-ray shows the hard lesson someone in China learned: don't clean your teeth with scissors while your friend is telling a really funny joke!


While it is pretty common for someone to swallow a key, it is considerably less common for them to fall on a set of keys and get them embedded in their face! But that is exactly what happened to 17 month old Nicholas Holderman. Luckily he made a full recovery. 


A South Korean man went to the emergency room with a headache so an x-ray was taken. They found the shocking reason for his headache!

Live Frogs and Rats

Not everyone goes to the doctor for having weird things inside of them. Some people put them there on purpose! Like this man in China. He was having intestinal problems, so on the advice of an old man he began to eat rats and frogs, alive. And shockingly all of his stomach problems mysteriously disappeared! Now he regularly eats live mice, baby rats and frogs, sometimes up to 20 mice in one day!

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