Thursday, June 5, 2014

12 People Who Died in the Dumbest Possible Ways

Social Networking Speed Demon

A Brazilian teenager named Giovana Alves Dias de Souza seemed like a normal girl, but she had a need for speed. She decided it would be cool to post a picture to her Facebook page of her spedometer at 180 km/h. Somehow, she got away with it and lived to tell the tale.
A few months later, Giovana decided to repeat her daredevil stunt. The police found her mangled car after she lost control and hit a support pole. Her phone was found with a picture of her spedometer at 170 km/h.

Macho Man

A 47-year-old man from Germany was trying to prove to his wife that he was still as strong as he ever was. So of course he decided to dangle from their 7th floor balcony and do pull ups. After doing a few, he no longer had the strength to pull himself back up and fell to his death. The coroner proclaimed the cause of death as "machismo."

Pit Crew Blues

In the parking lot outside of Skagit Raceway in 2010, two pit crew members came up with the genius idea to fill a barrel with methanol, light it, and ride it across the parking lot like a rocket. As most normal people would expect, the barrel simply exploded and sent the two men flying into the air. One man died and the other suffered from serious injuries.

Bungee Bungle

In 1997, a Virginia fast food worker named Eric Barcia decided that he wanted to bungee jump off of a 70-foot hight railroad trussle. He had a bunch of individual bungie cords and strung them all together to make a bungee rope. Aside from being a dumb idea in the first place, the problem was that his makeshift rope was also 70-feet long. Obviously, he wasn't slowed down at all by the rope before hitting the ground.

Ain't No Party Like a Hurricane Party

Hurricane Camille took 259 lives when it hit the Gulf Coast in 1969, but 20 of those deaths could have been prevented. A group of friends decided to host a hurricane party in their second-story beachfront apartment while they waited out the storm. They figured they were safe on the second floor, but a 24-foot wave proved them wrong and destroyed the entire apartment.

Tigers Leave No Survivors

A German couple were visiting a drive-thru safari park in Spain filled with all sorts of wild animals. For whatever reason, the pair decided to stop their car and get out when they reached the tiger enclosure. It was only a matter of seconds before three tigers pounced and made the dumb tourists their next meal.

Free Falling

A Texas construction worker was once hired to reinforce the structure of a communications tower. He was simply going about his work until he suddenly plummeted over 200 feet to his death. The worker had accidentally loosened the bolts on the bar that he was hanging from.

Shocking Fish Tale

Some people love fishing for the sport, but this fisherman from Sri Lanka didn't play by the rules. He regularly came out to a local canal and made an easy catch by electrocuting fish with an electric motor. One day, the motor suddenly stopped working and stepped onto it before remembering to shut off the power. The shock from his own deadly tool reportedly sent him flying about 12 feet into the air and caused him to drown.

Ashes to Ashes

In 2005, a man in Croatia named Marko was trying to sweep out his chimney. He discovered that the opening was too high for him to use a broom, so he decided to attach a brush to a chain instead. He needed something to add to weight the brush so it would go down the chimney, so he grabbed the first object he could find... a hand grenade. As he attempted to weld the grenade to the chain, the grenade predictably exploded and killed him.

The Smoking Gun

This dumb death goes all the way back to the Civil War era. Clement Vallandigham was a criminal defense lawyer who was representing a client on trial for murder. He argued that the victim drew his own gun in a way that caused it to go off and kill himself. Vallandigham offered a demonstration in the courtroom with the victim's original loaded gun. The gun fired and killed Vallandigham, but he won the case!

Road to Rio

A young Brazilian couple were driving along the largest freeway in the country when they suddenly got the urge to get freaky. They pulled over and parked and starting getting busy right there in the middle of the road. Since there was a thick fog that morning, it wasn't long before a massive truck slammed into the couple's car and quickly ended their lovemaking session.


Two criminals were quite competent when it came to robbing a cell phone store in South Carolina, but they were terrible at coming up with disguises. One of the robbers, named James, had spray painted his face gold in an attempt to protect his identity. Spray paint fumes are extremely toxic, so it was no surprise when James had trouble breathing and eventually died. Ironically, the witnesses were easily able to identify James despite his "disguise."

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