Thursday, June 5, 2014

12 Most Disturbing Torture Methods Ever Invented


Possibly the most disgusting torture and execution method of all time was invented by the ancient Persians. Scaphism involved suspending the victim above a swamp or a pond between two halves of a log or two boats. The exposed area of the victim was coated with a mixture of milk and honey, and is repeatedly fed the same mixture. Insects are attracted to the scent and slowly infest the victim's entire body until it's been eaten away from the inside and outside.


This brutal torture method involves placing a live rat inside of a bucket or cage and then strapping it to the victim's stomach. The end of the container is heated up using fire or hot coals which forces the rat to try to escape. Of course, the only way out is by digging through the guts of the tortured man.

The Rack

The Rack is probably the most famous method of torture in history, and it's also one of the most barbaric. The victim is strapped to a table with his arms and legs tied to two large axles. The axles are slowly cranked which increases the tension and stretches the victim to his limits. Eventually the ligaments and bones would snap, causing extreme physical and psychological pain.

The Brazen Bull

Being cooked alive sounds like one of the most painful things imaginable, but that's exactly what the Brazen Bull did. The victim was placed inside of a large brass bull after having his tongue cut out, and then a fire was lit beneath it. The inevitable screams of pain came out of the mouth and sounded like an angry bull. Ironically, the inventor of the Brazen Bull was executed using his own evil device.

The Knee Splitter

Even though it wasn't deadly, the Knee Splitter is one of the most evil-looking inventions ever. The large spikes dug into the knee of the victim as the crank was turned, causing pain and permanent damage. This device was also used on elbows, arms, and lower legs.

Death By a Thousand Cuts

Also known as "slow slicing," this torture method was invented by the Chinese as a way to torture the victim for as long as possible. The skin is cut in just about every location, and some body parts are completely cut off in the process. This method of torture was also meant to follow the victim into the afterlife, as the Chinese believed that a body cut into pieces could never be whole again.

The Head Crusher

This cruel torture device was used to extract information by applying increasing pressure to the victim's head. The large metal cap of the Head Crusher is slowly pushed farther down until it literally crushes the victim's head. The torturers used to enjoy keeping the victim's eyeballs after they popped out of their sockets.

The Scavenger’s Daughter

The Scavenger’s Daughter is a torture device that wasn't necessarily deadly, but likely condemns the victim to an even worse fate. This large metal binding locks the victim's body into a kneeling position and prevents them from moving. The victims were trapped in this cruel device for weeks or even months, which usually crippled them and made them go insane.

The Pear of Anguish

The Pear of Anguish was a small and simple device that was capable of causing extreme pain. This small, metal tool was inserted into one of the victim's body orifices and the expanded on the inside. It was mainly used to torture those accused of rape or homosexuality. At the least, it caused pain and discomfort, and at the most it caused internal bleeding and even death.

The Spanish Tickler

The Spanish Tickler was used to torture victims by tearing through skin and even bones. It was mainly used on thieves and adulterers, and was most often raked down the victim's back. Despite the intense pain, the victim was usually killed by infection instead of the injury itself.

The Breaking Wheel

Torture devices don't get much more cruel than the Breaking Wheel. Victims were strapped to the top of the wheel with their libs draped over the sides. The wheel would be placed on a pivot in a public place, and then the torturer would crush the victim's free-hanging limbs with a club. The victim was often left alive to be eaten by the birds.


Waterboarding is a torture method that has been used since the Spanish Inquisition and is still in use today. Cloth was placed over the victim's mouth as water was poured over the top of it. This torture method creates an intense sensation of drowning that can lead to lung damage, brain damage, and physical injuries.

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