Thursday, May 8, 2014

Facts about the most expensive and amazing beds ever made.

The World's Most Luxurious Beds

The Aquarium Bed 

Nothing is more important that getting a good night's sleep, and these luxurious beds will have you snoozing like a baby!
The term "sleeping with the fishes" usually means a terrible death, but in this case it's the ultimate luxury. The beautifully lit aquarium bed contains live fish and a great design that will become the highlight of any home.

HiCan's HiFidelity Canopy 

This is either the greatest bed, or the ultimate video game portal. Privacy blinds go down the side, a surround sound system blasts audio, an HD screen slides out from the top and a projector does the rest. Don't plan on a lot of sleep.

Fantasy Coach Bed 

Have an extra $47,000 to spend on your little princess? That will give you this wooden and fiberglass bed crafted off the Disney classic Cinderella. The glass slippers are not included.

Monarch Vi-Spring Bed 

The average bed contains 800 spring coils. The Monarch Vi-Spring bed contains over 3,000. This delivers the ultimate support and comfort every time you lay down. The upgraded Majesty version of the bed contains 6,000 springs.

Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed 

Snoring is not good for your sleep or the person that has to listen to it. The Starry Night bed uses technology to move your position as you sleep and prevents you from snoring. The iPod dock is just a bonus.

Cosmos Bed 

Sleep under the stars right in your own bedroom. The Cosmos Bed features glimmering LCD lights that mimic the night sky. The pod shaped bed also includes aromatic dispensers, an audio system, and a built-in alarm clock.

Le Beanock 

The luxury hammock that will never make you want to sleep in a regular bed again. There's something different about laying in a bed that is suspended from the ground. It adds more relaxation and comfort.

Hollandia Platinum-Luxe Elite 

The first time the HD TV pops up from the foot of the bed, you'll wonder why that doesn't come standard on every bed. A five disc DVD player, iPod dock, and adjustable mattresses only add to the comfort.

Jado Steel Style Gold Bed 

It's made of GOLD and costs $675,000. If that doesn't eliminate this option for you then you should know that the bed has a water-fileld matress, a Playstation 3, and a Wi-Fi connection built into it.

The Sonic Bed 

The bed looks like a big box, but it's actually surrounded by speakers to give you the ultimate relaxation as you sleep. Just kee your heavy metal playlist disabled while you sleep.

Histoire Do Be

The swivel bed features a wireless remote so you can rotate your heart out. The comfy bed is surrounded by shelves and a TV stand. It's a retro design with a modern touch.

The Nest Bed 

Have your children sleep in luxury with the whimisical nest bed. Children will melt right into the egg-shaped pillows.

Outdoor Canopy Bed 

If you can afford your own private waterfront, then it's worth pitching in a little extra for this outdoor canopy bed. The bed protects you from a light rain and is perfect for an afternoon nap.

The Mermaid Bed 

No pearls are included, but the Mermaid Bed is the next best thing. A shell casing closes when the bed is not in use.

NV Adjustable Sleep System 

This sleek bed design has a very modern feel and a lot of little storage spaces that make it easy to charge phones, keep tablets, and access other items.

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