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13 Most Cruel and Unusual Human Experiments

Poison Factory

The Soviet Union used inmates in Gulags to conduct many experiments about poisons. After experimenting with mustard gas, ricin, digitoxin, and other awful chemicals, the most efficient poison - C-2 - was developed. This poison caused victims to "become shorter, weaken quickly, and die within 15 minutes".

Nazi Human Experiments

These are the most infamous experiments in human history. From experiments on twins amounting to mass slaughter, to sticking subjects in tanks of ice water for hours, to inciting infection by rubbing glass and wood shavings after infecting the blood with tetanus, gangrene, and streptococcus... the list never stops, and neither does the pure evil.

Henry Cotton's Experiments

All the way back in the early 1900s, a doctor by the name of Henry Cotton believed insanity was actually in body parts, and tried removing tonsils, teeth, and then eventually internal organs, all without consent, to treat his patients. He caused the death of 49 patients.

Hard Boiled

In the 1800s, there was a need for treatment of typhoid fever. Dr. Walter Jones suggested as a legitimate solution: why not pour boiling water on the sufferers? This was done, andrepeated every four hours. No medical fame for this torturer.

Intentional Syphilis

In 1946, an infamous health organization carried out a study in Guatemala wherein they wanted to test the effectiveness of penicillin on syphilis. To do this, they intentionally infected prostitutes with the disease without informing them. 83 lives were taken in this experiment.

Oops, Bubonic Plague

Richard Strong, in an effort to find a vaccine for cholera, accidentally gave 13 inmates of a Manila prison the bubonic plague. After this debacle, he laid low, proceeding to resurface six years later. He then repeated this stunt, only with the awful disease Beriberi. Don't google that one.

LSD to Kids

Lauretta Bender is a well-respected psychologist, but she was also behind several shady studies - including giving adult doses of LSD and psilocybin (a hallucinogenic) to children. She claimed it helped with 'childhood schizophrenia'.

Forced Sex Change

In South Africa's time of Apartheid, many white lesbian and gay soldiers were forced to undergo 'sexual reassignment operations' to eliminate homosexuality from the service. Many experimental methods were used, including electric shock and chemical castrations. On top of this, many victims were drafted into the army - they didn't even choose to join.

Spinal Tap

Arthur Wentwroth was at the forefront of the development of spinal taps, or lumbar punctures. Now a common procedure, in its infancy not much was known about it. In order to test various effects of spinal taps, Wentworth performed 29 of them... on infants and toddlers. Truly painful and sad.

The Monster Study

In this infamous study conducted in 1939, Wendell Johnson wanted to learn about stuttering. He separated children into two groups, and praised one for their speech and called the other half stutterers. The "stutterers" were scarred for life, taking on speech defects they didn't have before.

Project 4.1

Project 4.1 is the nickname for the U.S. experiments involving radiation. They investigated the population nearby the Bikini Atoll nuclear tests. Early on, it seemed like nothing was happening, until in the years that followed, the children in the experiment slowly began developing thyroid cancer. Cruel and unusual.


Lauretta Bender, mentioned beforehand, was involved in this. MK-ULTRA is the codename for the CIA's shady and expansive experiments involving mind control. Many drugs were used on many unsuspecting 'volunteers' who were filmed on acid. All files related to the project were destroyed.

Unit 731

Easily the most disgusting result of war in human history. The multiple atrocities committed by this Japanese Unit include: ripping off limbs and reattaching them elsewhere on the body, vivisecting pregnant women impregnated by members of the unit, and intentional infection of gonorrhea and syphilis via rape. The darkest corners of mankind's history.

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