Saturday, May 24, 2014

10 Most Useless Products That You Can Buy Today

This is an interesting post in a way that you would have always read about  astonishing and amazing inventions, but never read about most useless inventions. Today we have a look at 10 of them.

10- The Air Conditioned Shoes

Hydro-tech developed the air conditioned shoes which, are more or less the normal shoes with holes in them. They intend to target the customers who face the problem of having smelly feet. The company claims that they possess a unique filter technology to ward off smells and cost $70.

9- The iPotty

This product features in our useless list because it’s just a conventional potty with a stand for an iPad. It targets the children undergoing potty training and costs $34.50. 

8-The Remote Headband

In this age of technology, it is not unusual at all to have several remotes for different home appliances. You would have found yourself quarreling with your family members when any of them is lost. To solve this problem of losing remotes frequently, Rodd Miller came up with the idea of the remote head band. The  picture of this headband says it all.

7-The Shoe Umbrella

The purpose of shoe umbrella is obvious from its name. It was designed to prevent one’s feet from getting wet when it rains. However, the idea of moving with two umbrellas attached to your shoes, and the inconvenience caused by it is senseless.

6-The Motorized Ice Cream Cone

Who doesn’t love cone ice cream? But, the problem with an Ice cream cone is that it tends to slip through the sides of the cone once it starts melting. This makes us lick it regularly to prevent it from falling down. This problem is solved by the battery operated cone that turnsitself around for you. 

5- The Pet Rock

This purpose of this product is absolutely beyond my comprehension. You can buy (waste your money in my opinion) The Pet Rock for $7.99  that comes with a box with holes. It can be attached to the USB port of your computer.

4- The  Steering Wheel Desk

This product gets attached to the steering of the car so that you can place your laptop on it. The product can only be utilized when the car is static.  This Steering wheel desk is available at Amazon for $25.39.

3- The Goldfish Walker

You must be familiar with the baby walkers, but Mick Madden from the UK has come up with the Goldfish walker. This is a pull along walker, which allows you to take your Goldfish for a walk.

2- Flair Hair Golf, the Hair Hat

This product is basically a golf visor, which possesses fleecy hair. The product is aimed to target bald golfers. The funny thing about these hair is that they resemble a roughened up carpet or a rug. This hair hat costs $19.99.

1-The DVD Rewinder

The DVD rewinder came into the market in 2009 and stayed there for less than a year. This product tops the list because even a little kid knows that a DVD doesn’t have to be rewound.

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